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Specially optimised for straightforward, efficient and secure hosting, the itXcel Linux hosting packages offer maximum speed and stability at a fantastic price. Our advanced control panel allows you to manage every aspect of your account wile remaining simple, secure and reliable. All our web site hosting packages come with a 30 day money back guarantee and no set up fees.
itXcel Entry
- 300MB Disk Space
- 10GB Monthly Transfer
- 5 Email Accounts
- No Setup Fees
£4.95/Month or £49.95/Year
itXcel SoHo
- 750MB Disk Space
- 20GB Monthly Transfer
- 15 Email Accounts
- No Setup Fees
£12.95/Month or £120.95/Year
itXcel Business
- 1000MB Disk Space
- 35GB Monthly Transfer
- 50 Email Accounts
- No Setup Fees
£17.95/Month or £170.95/Year
itXcel Pro
- 2000MB Disk Space
- 50GB Monthly Transfer
- Unlimited Email Accounts
- No Setup Fees
£28.95/Month or £280.95/Year

The quota that comes with your account is the amount of space you have to store the files for your website and your emails. With our generous quotas it is not likely you are going to run out of space.

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that can travel to and from your website. The amount of bandwidth you need will depend on the content of your website. If you have a big site with lots of images you will need a hosting package with more Bandwidth.

All our servers are custom designed and built to a high specification. Each server is designed to promote stability and security. We also make a point of never overloading a server with to many hosting customers. All this comes together to produce a reliable platform for hosting the most demanding sites.

Our hosting accounts all support Perl and PHP CGI scripts. This allows you to deploy advanced applications to run and manage your websites.

All mail coming into our system is passed through a spam filter. This advanced filter never actually "filters" your mail. Instead it assigns the mail a number representing how likely it is the mail is spam. You can then set your mail client (Outlook etc) to filter the mail based on this number.

Think of a POP account as a place on the server to store and collect your mail from. Each POP account has it's own user name and password. IMAP is a way of accessing your mail while leaving it on the web server. This is especially useful when used with webmail as it gives you access to all your mail. Both POP and IMAP come as standard with every hosting account.

Our advanced web mail system allows you to access your mail from any web browser. The web mail system allows you to collect and send mail with advanced features like an address book, spell checking and a calendar.

If you combine MySQL with the ability to run CGI scripts you have a powerful tool, allowing you to use advanced database driven applications on your website.