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Email services you can rely on from itXcel Internet.
Our email services are designed to be easy to use while not compromising on the range of top quality features. Every email account come with advanced virus and spam scanning to protect against dangerous email. All this at an excellent price.

POP Accounts - Think of a POP account as a place on the server to store and collect your mail from. Each POP account has it's own user name and password.

Total Quota - This is the amount of disk space you have to spit up among your POP addresses. You can assign as much or as little disk space to each POP account as long as the total of all the POP accounts does not exceed the "Total Quota".

Bandwidth - This is the total amount of data transfer that all your POP accounts can use. The assigned amounts of bandwidth should more than satisfy most requirements.

Email Aliases - You can assign an unlimited number of email addresses to each POP account. For example you could have two POP accounts one for and the other for if employee1 was responsible for sales you could assign to go to the POP account.

Web Mail - Our advanced web mail system allows you to access your mail from any web browser. The web mail system allows you to collect and send mail with advanced features like an address book, spell checking and a calender.

IMAP - IMAP is a way of accessing your mail while leaving it on the web server. This is especially useful when used with web mail as it gives you access to all your mail.

Spam Filter - All mail coming into our system is passed through a spam filter. This advanced filter never actually "filters" your mail. Instead it assigns the mail a number representing how likely it is the mail is spam. You can then set your mail client (Outlook etc) to filter the mail based on this number.

Auto Responder - Auto Responders allow you to setup an automated response to an email. For example if you are going on holiday you could set up an auto responder to send a reply to all email you receive stating that you are on holiday and how to contact in your absence.