Existing Customers

We know this is a disruptive change for our customers,  over the last few years our control panel software has become dated and we don't feel we are providing the high level of support you deserve for a hosting provider. To fix this would require a significant investment of time and money. Unfortunately, we have decided to focus our efforts on other business areas.

The following outlines how we plan to handle our existing customers hosting accounts and domain names, If you have any concerns or need help please get in touch we will, of course, help as much as we can.

Hosting Accounts

We will be stopping our hosting service on the 30th September, monthly accounts will stop on their last service day in September, annual accounts will run until the 30th September. For both monthly and annual accounts, we will issue pro-rata refunds for any remaining time on your hosting package. If you move your account earlier please contact support confirming your account is moved and will issue a refund from that date.

To help with the migration of your site we have updated our control panel to show the direct login details for your cPanel account, your new provider or web developer can use these to access your existing site.

We don't have any experience using other hosting providers so can't recommend anyone from experience. We have however done some research on the current hosting market and found some alternatives we think are worth considering. Site Ground is a very highly rated hosting provider, they are not the cheapest solution but offer the option of hosting on UK based servers and provide excellent customer service. 

A cheaper alternative to Site Ground is Host Papa, they are a Canadian company but offer EU based servers. 

Domain Names

Domain names will continue to work until they expire, to continue using a domain beyond its current expiry date you will need to transfer it to a new registrar, we encourage you to do this now. This is usually a simple process that will be free for .uk domains and will cost 1-year registration fee for most other domains. Domains that charge a fee to transfer will have an extra year added to their current expiry date, so there is no advantage in waiting to transfer the domain.

We have updated our control panel to show all the required details and functionality you need to migrate your domain to a new registrar.

For help transferring a domain please visit our FAQ or contact support.