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Affiliate Program
Refer your visitors and clients to a well established, quality web host and earn up to 30% recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer!

As a true leader in web hosting solutions, ITXcel is different because we truly care about our clients. We support our clients efforts - just as we do with our affiliates! We never forget that your successes as an affiliate is also our success. We want to see you do well and will award you handsomely for your hard work.

Sign up today! It's Free, only takes a minute and we will immediately credit £10 to your account just for signing up. If you already have an ITXcel account log in and select "Activate Affiliate Account" from the "Account Settings" menu. If you don't have an ITXcel account click here to create one now.


Generate a constant source of income When you refer a visitor from your site and they become an ITXcel customer you will receive 30% of all hosting sales made by that customer for as long as they remain with ITXcel. This is an excellent way to build a steady reliable income.

Commission Rates

Service 1st Tier Commission 2nd Tier Commission
All Hosting Packages 30% 5%
Domain Names 5% 2%

2nd Tier Affiliates If any client that you refer also refers clients to ITXcel under our web hosting affiliate program, then you also financially benefit. Refer other web masters to the ITXcel affiliate program and receive commissions on their sales! You will receive 5% of the 2nd level affiliates sales.


1 Year Cookie Sales are tracked using cookies that expire after 365 days. So even if you refer a client to the itXcel site and they don't purchase straight away, if they return within 365 days, you will still be credited with the sales commission!

Web Hosting Affiliate Program Example Payments
You earn 30% commission on every sale made for the life time of the customer.

Month New Customers New Money Recurring Money Monthly Total
1 20 £90.00   £90.00
2 20 £90.00   £90.00
3 20 £90.00 £90.00 £180.00
4 20 £90.00 £180.00 £270.00
5 20 £90.00 £270.00 £360.00
6 20 £90.00 £360.00 £450.00
7 20 £90.00 £450.00 £540.00
8 20 £90.00 £540.00 £630.00
9 20 £90.00 £630.00 £720.00
10 20 £90.00 £720.00 £810.00
11 20 £90.00 £810.00 £900.00
12 20 £90.00 £900.00 £990.00
      TOTAL £6,030.00

The above example shows how even with only 20 new customers a month purchasing a conservative £15.00 a month hosting package your income can grow steadily month on month. Now add in commission from domain names and customers buying multiple hosting packages and second tier affiliates and your potential income could be huge.


If you still have questions check the Knowledge Base or send us an email.